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We have information to answer your questions about liver disease and treatment options.

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Read stories of courage and perseverance from patients, caregivers, and loved ones of those living with liver disease, or share your story here.

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The Texas Liver Foundation is a nonprofit, independent organization committed to improving the health of liver patients in Texas through: educating patients, advocating for and supporting the liver community, providing accurate and relevant resources for patients.

Join the 2nd Annual Liver Walk on April 1!

Registration is open for our 2nd Annual Liver Walk at Memorial Park in Houston.

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See what we have been doing in the community. Catch up on any Conversations with Liver Experts that you missed.

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  • International NASH Day is June 8!

Step up for NASH with us this Thursday! International NASH day is dedicated to raising awareness of Non-Alchoholic Steatohepatits (NASH). Held on the second Thursday of June each year, this year the timing is perfect, as TLF is gearing up to launch our What’s My ALT? campaign, which focuses on knowing your ALT score now...

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  • The 2nd Annual Texas Liver Walk is a wrap!

Team TLF wants to thank everyone who supported the Texas Liver Foundation’s 2nd Annual Texas Liver Walk on April 1. This year’s walk was a tremendous success! We celebrated throughout morning with music, snacks, movement, and fun. Our DJ kept the tunes flowing and the spirits high and we had a surprise visit from Grammy...

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  • Hepatitis C Elimination

Over 2.4 million Americans are chronically infected with hepatitis C, and most do not know they are infected. Left untreated, hepatitis C may progress to cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer. But direct acting antiviral (DAA) therapies have a 95% cure rate. The time to eliminate hepatitis C is now, and we can do it.

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