Christmas…In September!


Sep 2023


Get your Santa hats ready and your jingle bells jangling because it’s Christmas In September at TLF! Every child deserves holiday cheer, but for some kids the holidays can be a little scary. This year, we’re hosting a fundraiser that we hope will not only warm your heart but also bring a smile to the face of a child battling liver disease.

Spreading Joy with Liver “Plushies”

We’re getting a head start with our fundraiser because this holiday season, we’ll be on a mission to make medical visits a little less scary for our pediatric liver heroes. And what’s less scary than a cuddly, cute stuffed liver “plushie”? These plushies are not just toys, they are symbols of hope, courage, and resilience that these little fighters embody every day. Created by our friends at Nerdbugs, the plushies are super soft and ready for snuggles. Nerdbugs is a company that was founded by a doctor/mom who created plush organ toys as a fun and lighthearted educational tool for her patients and she is so excited to share her creations with our kids!

The Power of a Plushie Hug

In July, we had the honor of meeting some of our Alagille families at an event in Dallas. One mom told me that her daughter, now 11, does not like to use the word “liver” and has a hard time talking about her disease. We happened to have a Nerdbugs Liver Plushie with us so we gave it to her, hoping to bring a smile to her daughter’s face. A few days later she us an email with a picture of her daughter holding her plushie (which she named “Miss L”) and a smile that went ear to ear. She said the plushie was helpful because while liver disease is scary, Miss L helped make it just a bit less frightening. We loved hearing that, and we want more kids to have a huggable liver pal just like Miss L.

A Helping Hand for Caregivers

But we’re not stopping there. We know that behind every brave child, there’s an equally brave parent or caregiver. They provide the strength, love, and support that these children need to fight their battles. So, to offer them a bit of respite, we’re also providing food delivery gift cards. We’ve heard over and over that getting food in the hospitals can sometimes be challenging, and caregivers don’t usually want to leave the hospital to go pick food up. Sometimes a warm meal can make a world of difference when you’re running on empty. We want to fill those caregivers up (literally and figuratively).

Help Us Spread Some Smiles!

Help us bring Christmas cheer to these courageous kids and their caregivers and join us in our Christmas In September fundraiser! With your help, we can make the holidays sparkle for kids across Texas. Click HERE to visit our event page and make your generous contribution now. Let’s all give the gift of hope this holiday season. We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please reach out to us HERE!

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